Electrical Inspectorate

The Electrical Inspectorate is a Department of the Government of Kerala. It was formed by the Government order vide G.O. (Ms) No. 28/68/PW, dated 20-10-1968. The Chief Electrical Inspector to Government of Kerala is the Head of the Department. Headquarters is at Thiruvananthapuram. The Department has regional offices in all the Districts. In Ernakulam, Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector is the head of the office, while in other offices, Electrical Inspector is the head.

Chief Electrical Inspector and Accounts Officer of Chief Electrical Inspectorate are designated as the Duty Inspectors as per Kerala Electricity Duty Act 1963 and Kerala Electricity Surcharge (Levy and Collection) Act 1989. The books and records of KSEB and other licencies are inspected by the Officers to verify the amount of duty payable under the above Acts. Two Boards namely Kerala State Electricity Licensing Board and Board of Examiners for Cinema Operators are functioning under this Department. Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory is also functioning under the Department offering calibration and testing facilities for various electrical equipments and meters. It is functioning near College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram. The Department offer technical consultancy also. There are nine other Testing Laboratories at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Mallappuram, Palakkad and Kannur Districts

Address of the office

Office of the Electrical Inspector,
Ravi’s Chamber, Near PWD Complex,
Beach Road, Kollam – 691 001
Phone Number: 0474 2743619
e-mail: eiklm738[at]gmail[dot]com

Details of the officer

Sl No Designation Phone Number e-mail id
1 Electrical Inspector 0474 2743619 9400769950 pvalexei[at]gmail[dot]com

Services available from this office:

Implementation of Electricity Act 2003/Indian Electricity Rules 1956 :

  1. Scrutiny of schemes pertaining to new HT installations of unit transformer capacity below 500kVA and total
  2. capacity not exceeding 750kVA, issue of scheme approval and sanction for energisation under Rule 63.
  3. Issue of sanction for energisation under Rule 63 for installation of unit transformer capacity up to and including 1000kVA.
  4. Issue of sanction for energisation for dry type transformers and unitiised substations (USS) below 500kVA.
  5. Issue of sanction for energisation for all MV generators up to and including 1MVA.
  6. Issue of sanction for energisation for sharing of generators by consumers of adjacent properties, which does not involve crossing of public roads.
  7. Issue of scheme approval and sanction for energisation under Rule 71 and 73 (X-rays and CT scanners, Neon Signs)
  8. Scrutiny of schemes pertaining to high-rise buildings, issue of scheme approvals and sanction for energisation subject to limitations explained above.
  9. Rule 46 inspections of all types of installations and follow up actions.
  10. Periodical inspection of MV installations.
  11. Inspection and issue of sanction for energisation for temporary installations, V V I P visits under Section 54 of the Electricity Act 2003
  12. Scrutiny of the schemes for MV additions and alterations in the premises of HT/EHT consumers and HT additions subject to limitations set under 1.A and HT motor capacity below 500 H.P.
  13. HT replacement (without capacity change) under all categories in the HT/EHT installations.
  14. Issue of scheme approval for MV capacitors and HT capacitors of capacity below 500kVAR.
  15. Issue sanction for energisation for MV capacitors and HT capacitors of capacity below 500kVAR.
  16. Enquiry into electrical accidents and taking follow-up action.
  17. Enquiry into complaints and interruptions and taking follow-up action.
  18. Inspection and issue of Certificate under sub rule (3) of Rule 82 of the Indian Electricity Rules 1956
  19. Soil Resistivity Measurement and issue of Certificate
  20. Inspection and issue of Safety certificate for Cable TV Network

Implementation of Kerala Cinema (Regulation) Act 1958 and Kerala Cinema
(Regulation) Rules 1988 :

  1. Scrutiny of schemes of non-A/C permanent and temporary theatres, issue of scheme approval and ‘D’ Certificates under Rule 12 (New Installation).
  2. Issue of D Certificates of all categories of theatres under Rule 31 (Periodical inspection).
  3. Approving schemes for additions and alterations in the existing theatre installations
  4. A/C Check inspection of Cinema theatres

Forms are available at Electrical Inspectorate website.