Economics & Statistics

Department of Economics and Statistics is functioning under the Planning and Economic Affairs Department Government of Kerala. Headquarters of the department is situated in the V-th floor of VikasBhavan, Thiruvananthapuram. In the State all the 14 districts have offices headed by deputy directors.
In 1949, Travancore University had organised a survey on improvement of agricultural Statistics and this finally led to the formation of Economics and Statistics Department. After the integration of Travancore Cochin, State government constituted the Board of Statistics in 1951. Jurisdiction of Board of Statistics has been extended to the whole States of Kerala in 1956 after the formation of Kerala State. In December 1958, The Bureau of Economics studies was setup by the state government to carry out research studies on various sectors of Kerala Economy and to render advises to government on economic issue referred to it. The Bureau of Economics and Statistics was formed by the amalgamation of the Bureau of Economic studies and the Department of Statistics with effect from Ist August 1963.

In 1967, The State Planning Board was set up with the Director of Bureau of Economics and Statistics as the member secretary of the Board.During the period from 1967 to 1972, the Board and Bureau of Economics and Statistics functioned together as one entity. In 1980 the name of Bureau of Economics and Statistics has been re-designated as Directorate of Economics and Statistics. At present, Department of Economics and statistics headed by the Director General,is Functioning as a nodal agency of the state for reporting collection, compilation and analysis of Statistics relating to various sectors in Kerala Economy.

Structure of Department in Kollam District

The District Office of Economics & Statistics, Kollam is on the second floor of Civil Station and is headed by the Deputy Director. For smooth functioning of the office, Deputy Director is assisted by a District Officer, 2 Additional District Officers and 2 Research Officers. Other staffs include 2 Research Assistants, 6 Statistical Assistant Grade-I, 3 Statistical Assistant Grade-II, 2 U.D.Typist, One Office Attendant and a Driver. 3 Statistical Investigators and one Statistical Inspector are also working in the office for the Socio-Economic survey conducted by the National Sample Survey organisation. For collecting various prices, two Price inspectors and a price reporter are there. For the Collection of data relating to Annual survey of Industries and Evaluation of Soil conservation, 2 Statistical Investigators are also working in the Office.

Besides the District Office, there are five Taluk Statistical Offices, (Kollam, Kottarakara, Kunnathoor, Pathanapuram and Karunagappally) functioning for the collection and supervision of data each under the control of a Taluk Statistical officer who is assisted by a Statistical Inspector and Statistical Investigators. For the collection of datarelating to agriculture, there are 52 investigator zones in Kollam District. Each Investigator zone consist of one or two Panchyaths. The Muncipal area (Paravoor, Kottarakara, Karunagapally and Punalur) are consideredas separate investigator zones and the Kollam Muncipal corporation is divided into 3 investigator zones. For the data collection relating to cost of cultivation survey, one Investigator is working in each Taluk Statistical Office. In Kottarakara and PathanapuramTaluk Statistical offices, there are 2 price investigators working for collecting the price relating to the respective centres. Data collected by the field office issend to the District Office and there it is consolidated and arranged block wise. The Final report is send to the Directorate of Economics and statistics and National Sample Survey Office, Faridabad for Planning various Projects of state and Central Governments.

Details of Office and Sub Offices

District Office
Economics & Statistics,Civil station, Kollam – 691013
Phone – 0474-2793418
Email: ecostatklm[at]gmail[dot]com, ddklm[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in

Taluk Statistical Office, Kollam
Near Market, Thevally, Kollam
Phone – 0474-2799975
Email: ecostatklm[dot]qln[at]gmail[dot]com, tsoklm[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in

Taluk Statistical Office,
Mini Civil Station, Karunagapally
Ph -0476-2620515
Email: ecostatklm[dot]kpy[at]gmail[dot]com, tsoknpy[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in

Taluk Statistical Office, Kunnathoor
Panchayath Building, Sasthamkotta
Ph – 0476-2830207
Email: ecostatklm[dot]knr[at]gmail[dot]com, tsokntr[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in

Taluk Statistical Office, Pathanapuram
Mini Civil Staion, Punalur
Ph – 0475-2220866
Email: ecostatklm[dot]ppm[at]gmail[dot]com, tsoptnm[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in

Taluk Statistical Office, Kottarakara
High school Junction, Kottarakkara – 691506
Email: ecostatklm[dot]ktr[at]gmail[dot]com, tsoktra[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in

Details of District Officers

Sl.No. Designation Land Phone Mobile E-mail
1 Deputy Director 0474 2793418 8281118525 ecostatklm[at]gmail[dot]com, ddklm[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
2 District Officer 8281118526
3 Additional District Officer (EARAS) 8281118527
4 Additional District Officer (SRS) 8281118528
5 Research Officer(NSS) 8281118529
6 Research Officer(Market Intelligence) 8281118530

Details of Taluk Officers

Sl.No. Designation Land Phone Mobile E-mail
1 Taluk Statistical Officer, Kollam 0474-2799975 8281118531 ecostatklm[dot]qln[at]gmail[dot]com, tsoklmt[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
2 Taluk Statistical Officer, Kottarakara 0474-2450308 8281118532 ecostatklm[dot]ktr[at]gmail[dot]com, tsoktra[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
3 Taluk Statistical Officer, Kunnathoor 0476-2830207 8281118533 ecostatklm[dot]knr[at]gmail[dot]com, tsokntr[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
4 Taluk Statistical Officer, Pathanapuram 0475-2220866 8281118534 ecostatklm[dot]ppm[at]gmail[dot]com, tsoptnm[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
5 Taluk Statistical Officer, Karunagapally 0476-2620515 8281118535 ecostatklm[dot]kpy[at]gmail[dot]com, tsoknpy[dot]des[at]kerala[dot]gov[dot]in
  1. EARAS – Agricultural Statistics
  2. Cost of Cultivation
  3. Price (1. Daily Price, 2. Dietary Price, 3. Market Price, 4. Farm Price, 5. Consumer Price Index, 6. Market )
  4. National Sample Survey
  5. Sample Registration System
  6. Wage structure Survey
  7. Soil Conservation Survey
  8. Annual Survey of Industries (ASI)
  9. Index of Industrial Production (IIP)
  10. BSLLD
  11. Adhoc Surveys
  12. Tourism Statistics
  13. Economic census
  14. Agricultural census

The above Reports are used by Central& State Government for their Planning purpose