Once the process of running the relief camps was streamlined, we have planned for temporary shelters and also for identifying necessary lands to erect the same. The District Administration has discussed the design of the temporary shelter with the Alappad Panchayat members and submitted proposals to the State Government. The State Government have consulted the Kerala State Housing Board (KSHB) and approved the design with minor modifications.

Each temporary shelter was designed to be built on a raised platform of one-foot height, with GI Pipes and Sheets, having a plinth area of 160 Sq.ft. It has a room (10 X 12 feet) with a door and an open verandah (10 X 4 feet). The shelter is electrified with two points and is well ventilated. For every two families a tap is arranged and for every three families one toilet and bathroom are arranged.

The Kerala State Housing Board (KSHB), Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra (KESNIK), Kerala Agro-Industries Corporation and a couple of private contractors were entrusted with the task of construction of the temporary shelters. Indian Army had got built 60 shelters. Because of the constraint of space and the time required to build temporary shelters, the State Government have offered two choices to the Tsunami victims and the same are explained below:

Choice A
: For the families that opted to stay in temporary shelter constructed by government, an initial amount of Rs.3000/- was offered at the time occupying the shelter and a monthly financial assistance @ Rs.1,000/- was offered for three months.
Choice B
: For the families who were willing to find out their own accommodation, a lump sum amount of Rs.7,500/- was given initially, followed by monthly financial assistance @Rs.1,000/- for three months after an initial gap of three months.


Sl.No. Name of the agency No. of shelters entrusted Capacity (No. of families/Units) Size Location Type/Nature of construction   
 (halls/ independent)
No. of shelters completed
1 KSHB 200 1 160 sq.ft. Srayikad Independent 200
2 Nirmithi Kendra 100 1 160 sq.ft. Cheriyazheekal Independent 100
3 Kerala Agro Industries Corp. 724 1 160 sq.ft. Harbour Lake Shore, Ayiramthengu, Srayikad, Thalasthanam Independent 724
4 Army 60 1 160 sq.ft. Harbour  Independent 60
5 Krishnan, Pvt.Contractor 48 1 160 sq.ft. Srayikad Independent 48
6 Pvt.Contractor 25 1 160 sq.ft. Sakthikulangara Independent 25

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