1. Financial Assistance for Funeral rite
  2. Death Compensation Details From State Government
  3. Death Compensation Details From Prime Minister's Fund
  4. Details of relief given to Injured Persons
  5. Details of Children Orphaned
  6. Agencies Involved and Construction of Houses
  7. Progress of Construction of Houses
  8. Township Details-Adinadu
  9. Township Details-Ayanivelikulangara
  10. Township Details-Clappana
  11. Township Details-K.S. Puram
  12. Allotment of Normal Group Houses in Purchased land
  13. Infrastructure Works
  14. Details of Gas Connection issued to Eligible Beneficiaries
  15. Tsunami Kits issued by Oxfarm
  16. Tsunami Kits issued by World Vision
  17. Details of Solar Lamps issued in Karunagappally Taluk
  18. Benifits given through Matsyafed
  19. Benifits given through Fisheries Deparartment
  20. Details of Rs.7500/- Cash Scheme
  21. Details of Rs.3000/- Cash Scheme
  22. Details of Monthly payment of Rs. 1000/- in the Rs.7500/- Cash Scheme
  23. Details of Monthly payment of Rs.1000/- in the Rs.3000/- Cash Scheme
  24. Details of persons Residing in Temporary shelters in Kollam Taluk
  25. Donations received from different Agencies/Organisations
  26. Contributions to CMDRF from different Agencies/Organisations

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