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Government have directed both Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) and Kerala Water Authority (KWA) to provide free electricity and to show the source of water respectively for the purpose of construction of houses by the NGOs/VAs. At the same time, Government have directed the said agencies to provide Electricity and water connections to the permanent houses being constructed for the Tsunami victims. The District Administration has been helping the NGOs/VAs in obtaining sand on priority for the construction works from the various panchayats. The construction work is under progress and all the NGOs/VAs have been striving their best to ensure that the house construction is completed at the earliest. In order to enable movement of trucks carrying the building materials in Alappad Panchayats, the damaged roads of Alappad have been made traffic worthy by the PWD.

Partially damaged houses: Teams of government officials and Engineers have assessed the damages caused to partially damaged houses liberally and quantified the amount of loss so as to disburse financial assistance to the families to enable them to take up repairs and maintenance of the houses. However, the State Government have decided to grant and release an additional 10% amount over and above the amount assessed by the teams of government officials. Thus the government have taken a very liberal approach in granting financial assistance for repairing the damaged houses. Government also offered cash assistance up to an amount of Rs.50,000/- ( in 2 installments) to enable the beneficiaries to take up the repair work on their own. Government also offered to repair the houses through the PWD, if the beneficiary expresses inability to repair the house. We have offered new permanent houses to those whose houses have suffered damages beyond Rs.50,000/- and many beneficiaries have accepted the offer.

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